Lots of agencies say they have decades of experience - at G&A, we really mean it

G&A Real Estate opened in Manhattan in 1974 and has served the area continuously ever since. That’s 44 years of uninterrupted service under owner and founder Dolly Anderson, and counting. During those decades, dozens, perhaps hundreds, of real estate agencies have come and gone. G&A has been here all along, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Why does this tenure matter? There must be something to it - after all, just about every real estate agency in the world boasts of its years of experience. So why go with a longstanding agency over an upstart?

To start with, the more transactions an agency has been involved with, the more likely they are to oversee a smooth process and spot potential problems before they become too significant. Each transaction has unique people, properties, and personalities involved - the more transactions a realtor has under his or her belt, the more likely he or she is to navigate these complexities successfully.

That isn’t to say that new agents aren’t capable of handling complicated transactions with great success - after all, everyone has to start somewhere. But in this situation, the experience at the agency becomes all the more important. A new agent that can lean on the knowledge of established agents with hundreds of transactions’ worth of experience is much more likely to be successful than the same rookie without the benefit of a respected agency.

The real estate business has relied on referrals for most of its history - so in addition to experience, agencies that have operated for several decades also have the benefit of social proof. In a referral-based business, agencies that don’t fight for their clients’ best interests don’t survive. Forty-four years in business means that G&A has 44 years’ worth of clients who have been happy enough to recommend the agency to their family, friends, and colleagues.

Any real estate agency can claim that they’re experienced - and many can make that claim fairly. However, there’s not another agency in the Manhattan area that can say they’ve been in business for 44 years. Our team combines for hundreds of years of experience in the real estate business. This is no accident. The next time you need a real estate agent, trust G&A, and you can be sure you’re getting the most experienced agency in town.